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Alvarado Gumbs

Mixologist & Bartending Battle Contestant

Veya Restaurant, Anguilla

Alvarado Gumbs is the Head Bartender at Veya Restaurant Anguilla in Sandy Ground and will compete in ACE’s inaugural Bartending Battle.  He began working at Veya over a decade ago.  With no prior bartending experience, Al trained under Ambo Lake, Veya’s former head bartender.  He did, however, serve many drinks at large family gatherings from an early age.

Al’s favorite things about being a bartender are meeting new people, making new friends and interacting with the guests that visit him from around the world. He believes bartenders play an important role in a restaurant’s or hotel’s success because they, “Set the vibe and get the party started. He most enjoys mixing margaritas, a variety of rum punches and cosmopolitans.  He knows he’s done his job when guests respond, “Best, Drink. Ever.”

When not behind the bar at Veya, Al enjoys spending time with his family and just limin’.

When asked if he has won any awards or competitions, Al casually replied with a smile, “ACE will be my first win.”

Alvarado’s Events

Beach BBQ + Basket & Bartending Battles by NCBA

Sun, May 26, 2024

Anguilla Great House, Rendezvous Beach

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