Daniele Lippi

Guest Chef, Savi Beach Club
Acquolina, Rome, Italy | 2 Michelin-Starred

Savi Beach Club is thrilled to welcome Chef Daniele Lippi of Italy's 2 Michelin-starred Acquolina Restaurant as guest chef for this year's festival. Chef Lippi will join Savi Beach Executive Chef Dario Schiavo to present a series of extraordinary dining experiences.

Chef Lippi grew up at the school of the Troiani brothers, spending nine years at their Michelin-starred Il Convivio Troiani in Rome and serving as Head Chef since 2015. Only 33 years old, he has perfected his style with various "forays" to the top of the international starred panorama. He has worked with Yannick Alléno at 3 Michelin-starred Pavillion Ledoyen in Paris,  Enrico Crippa at 3-Michelin-starred Piazza Duomo in Alba, Grant Achatz at Alinea Restaurant in Chicago and Paolo Casagrande at Martin Bersategui's 3 Michelin-starred Lasarte in Spain. In 2019 he was named Head Chef at Ristorante Acquolina in Rome, where he maintained the restaurant's Michelin star and successfully secured a second star in 2022. 

Chef Lippi is curious and wants to play, "I never take myself too seriously, but I take cooking very seriously. I have too much respect for this job, what's more important than food? But life is also lightness and the desire to look beyond appearances.”

Beyond appearances is a kind of mantra for Chef Lippi. He lets himself be surprised by the senses -- the taste of one vegetable that recalls another, the sight of a product that reminds him of the shape of another, the scent of an ingredient that takes him back to a different scenario -- and then pursues an idea and realizes it with skill and an aesthetic sense. A party game that borders on surrealism and nothing is what it seems.

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