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Maddux Owen-Vasilis

Chef & Basket Battle Contestant

Veya Restaurant, Anguilla

Chef Maddux Vasilis is on the culinary staff at Veya and also provides private chef services for villas and small events. He will be competing in this year’s Basket Battle mystery basket competition.

Vasilis’s fascination with the culinary arts began at the age of 12, driven by a natural inclination to experiment and explore new culinary possibilities. This early interest found its perfect outlet in the kitchen, where he could freely innovate and test new ideas. By the age of 15, he had started working on his skills at Dolce Vita under the mentorship of Chef Christopher Bacciagia. There he learned to craft fresh pastas daily and delved into other classic Italian dishes. Later, Vasilis had the privilege of working alongside Chef Mark Alvarez at Ember, where Alvarez’s classic, yet innovative, approach to food and bold flavors further honed his culinary expertise. Vasilis also recently completed a month-long internship at ACE 2023 Guest Chef Anthony Rose’s Fet Zun in Toronto, Canada.

Per Vasilis, “My culinary philosophy posits that food should stimulate not only the senses but the entire body, serving as a vital, nourishing part of daily life while also offering vibrant, bold flavors. Food is akin to any other form of art, but it uniquely incorporates the spectacular element of taste. My ultimate goal is to open a restaurant in Anguilla that showcases the local, fresh ingredients available in our waters, reflecting both the distinctive flavors of Anguilla and my own creative vision.”

Maddux’s Events

Beach BBQ + Basket & Bartending Battles by NCBA

Sun, May 26, 2024

Anguilla Great House, Rendezvous Beach

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