Noah Sandoval

Oriole, Chicago

Anguilla Culinary Experience is excited to welcome Chef Noah Sandoval. Chef Sandoval will be collaborating with Chef Carrie Bogar of Anguilla's, Veya, for one of our exclusive VIP-ticket only VIP dinners at Villa Alegria and then the duo will partner again to create a special prix fixe menu on Restaurant Night at Veya.

Noah Sandoval is chef and owner of Oriole, the acclaimed two-Michelin-starred restaurant in Chicago’s West Loop. Sandoval’s passion for cooking began when he was a teenager: He was a dishwasher at Helen’s, a fine-dining restaurant in his native Richmond, Virginia, when the chef offered Sandoval to try the food. It was the moment that separated before from after. 

Since that day, cooking and hospitality have been Sandoval’s north star, training under chefs Shawn McClain, David Shannon, and Michael Carlson. He was the founding chef at Senza, the genre-breaking Chicago restaurant that was the first gluten-free restaurant to receive a Michelin star. Sandoval was named a Food & Wine’s Best New Chef in 2017, the same year Oriole began receiving and maintaining its 2 Michelin-star rating. His cooking has received four stars from both Chicago magazine and the Chicago Tribune. In his spare time, Sandoval is guitarist for the post-rock band Porcini.

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