Parash Chhetri

ÀNI Private Resorts, Anguilla, Dominican Republic

Born in the legendary Kingdom of Bhutan, situated on the Himalayas’ eastern edge and synonymous with happiness and nature, Chef Parash Chhetri’s quest to master the culinary arts began at the age of 10.  As the son of a farmer, he grew up treasuring the gifts of nature and the essence of food connected with the soil, creating meals from his family’s organic garden direct to the dining table. 

Chhetri started formal chef training in Seoul, South Korea on a grant scholarship from the Bhutanese Government that included an internship on Jeju Island.   He went on to study culinary arts and hospitality in India, including courses and degrees in the science of gastronomy, various culinary craft, food and beverage management and a masters in hotel management. 

Over a 13 year career, Chhetri trained throughout Asia within several exclusive restaurants including a period spent specializing in plant based cuisine at the Blue Lotus in Hua Hin.  He rose to serve as executive chef at several of Bhutan’s most luxurious hotels and lodges including the Gangtey Lodge, Le Meridien Paro. Chhetri joins ÀNI Private Resorts from the Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary where he had the great pleasure of serving many prestigious guests including the 4th King of Bhutan, the Royal Princess of Thailand, the Prime Minister of Bangladesh, and numerous other celebrities and statespersons.

Chhetri sees food as a universal language that binds people together, from creating simple flavorsome dishes that surprise and delight to those memorable experiences that last a lifetime.   He blends the unique flavors of Asia with classical international cuisine and a strong focus on organic healthy preparations.

He now brings his love for the culinary arts to ÀNI Private Resorts, overseeing the dining program at the group’s Caribbean properties in Anguilla and Dominica Republic.   In his new role as Executive Chef, ÀNI Private Resorts, Caribbean,  Chhetri will continue to develop each resort’s bespoke menu program, offered as part of the exclusive use concept catering to a single group in residence at each of the resorts.

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