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Xavier Rochat


Private Chef, Anguilla

Xavier’s culinary journey is rooted in family and a profound love for food. Beginning his culinary education at the Hong Kong Culinary Academy, where he received a diploma in Hotel Culinary Management, he embarked on a diverse path in the culinary world, each step contributing to his broad expertise.

At the 5-star Shangri-la hotel in Hong Kong, Xavier showcased his sushi-making prowess, crafting delicate rolls and exquisite presentations. His time at an oyster bar further enriched his repertoire, delving deeper into the intricacies of seafood preparation and service.

In London, Xavier explored various culinary avenues, transitioning to the world of wine as a sommelier for events. His tenure at The Ivy in Covent Garden provided invaluable front-of-house experience, refining his skills as a server and amplifying his customer service finesse. Returning home, Xavier continued to make meaningful contributions to the culinary scene, serving as a chef on Tradition sailboat and now working at the family business while running a cafe and bar at night.

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