Dario Schiavo

Savi Beach Club, Anguilla

At Savi Beach Club on beautiful Meads Bay Beach, Executive Chef Dario Schiavo leads a menu that is a sophisticated interpretation of the Japanese Izakaya style, where dishes have been designed to be shared at the table. 

Chef Schiavo started his career in Italy. This paved his way for success in London where he worked for Aqua Restaurant Group, specializing in modern, contemporary British cuisine. He also shared his talents at Italian-Japanese Sumosan Twiga. He returned to Italy to serve as Executive Chef for Zuma in Rome, with a continued focus on Japanese cuisine. Savi opened in 2021 and was thrilled to welcome Chef Schiavo as Executive Chef.

Chef Schiavo designs dishes that linger equally in the heart as they do on the tongue. At Savi Beach Club he has introduced unique dishes, inspired by traditional Italian and authentic Japanese cuisine -- an inimitable culinary pairing where East meets West.

Being blessed with the bounty of the sea, Savi Beach Club's menu forcuses on doing justice to these ingredients, serving them with elegance and finesse. 

Chef Schiavo will join Guest Chef Daniele Lippi of Italy's 2 Michelin-starred Ristorante Acquolina, to present Savi Beach Club's Beyond Appearances Chefs' Dinner during ACE.

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