Eduard Balan

Zemi Beach House Rhum Room

Eduard recently joined the expert bar team at Zemi Beach House Hotel & Spa part of LXR Hilton in Anguilla as Bars Manager, where he is paving the way for a new style of mixology with his creative flair and unique techniques.

Having found his passion for the hospitality industry whilst working in Italy in a Michelin starred restaurant, he quickly learnt the art of pairing drinks with food to create the perfect marriage of flavors. In 2014, after moving to the UK, he started his career at Aqua Shard working his way up to Bar Manager.

Eduard participated in 2017 at ‘Waqar Pisco Cocktail Competition’ with competitors from all across Europe winning 1st place in the UK (out of 45 opponents) and 3rd place in Europe.

With several years’ experience, Eduard is ready to mesmerize Zemi’s customers with an explosion for the senses at the famous Rhum Room.

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